Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet

Being an adult is like folding a fitted sheet,
Nobody knows how and you can't even cheat.
You've kinda just got to wing it,
And accept it's gonna be a bit shit.
You realise by accepting it however,
You're actually being quite clever!
Because when you accept, you trust.
You trust that shitness is a must.
Things have to be a bit shit every now and then,
Otherwise we'd have no need to be zen.
This might seem a little contradictory,
But trust me this attitude leads to victory.
When things are shit it means bliss is on it's way,
What do you reckon you would you say?!
Would you prefer to sleep on a fitted or unfitted sheet?!
Whose cares if the sheet doesn't fold that neat.
I'd much rather a sheet that fitted nicely,
Then one that folded precisely.
Same with life, if life doesn't seem quite right,
And it's seems a bit shiite.
Remember that one day it's gonna fit perfectly when it's unfolds,
You will then realise the importance the shitness holds.
So you might as well do the best you can,
And remind yourself it's all part of the plan.
You can fold it anyway you like,
Since when you make your bed you'll sleep through the night!

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