don't have to be a natural

You don't have to be a natural to do something

I've never been a natural,

At anything really at all.

I've always kinda sucked ass,

Never could pick anything up fast.

But I'm kinda glad I'm like that,

Since I might of ended up a brat.

I'm not gonna lie,

I was pretty bratty when I got high.

But luckily nothing came easy,

It was never breezy.

I would fail and this and that,

Or I would be your average cat.

Nowadays I realise it doesn't matter at all,

As long as you're having a ball.

See I kinda suck at surfing,

But I'll tell you one thing…

It makes me happy,

Cures me if I'm feeling crappy.

It's the same with yoga,

I am far from a yoga yoda!

I kinda suck at that too,

But I'm a teacher who knew!

I practice because it makes me feel high,

As well as allowing space for me to cry.

What I'm trying to say,

Is whatever you want to do today,

Don't not do it if you're not good at it,

Fuck it if you fail, fall or are generally shit!

If you if brings you happiness,

Don't settle for anything less.

Embrace being terrible,

It'll make your achievements memorable!

Like that day I finally caught a wave,

I was a little scared so had to be brave.

Didn't quite surf it all the way,

But who cares it was a pretty good day!

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