How mistakes are blessings in disguised

Let's talk about mistakes you make,

Mistakes that fill you up with hate.

Okay, you're not suppose to have regrets,

But I am not one who easily forgets.

My mind is too fragile,

To be able to reconcile.

I get caught up way to easy,

Sometimes it makes me feel queasy.

I start to feel sick when I look back,

On how I decided to act.

If I let myself, I could find regret,

In everything I do, then begin to fret.

But I force myself to stop,

And remind myself I can drop.

Drop it, stop it, let it go.

Fuck it, screw it, how was I to know.

I tell myself to relax,

I start to look beyond the cracks.

Where it starts to all makes sense,

I realise I don't have to be on the defence.

So I start to breathe and slow down,

Find my seat on the ground.

I think back to what mistakes I've made,

But rather then force the memory to fade.

I go into every detail on what I did,

Get that can of worms and open the lid.

I relay what choices I made,

And rewrite the story so the regret starts to fade.

Then I see myself act the way I wanted to,

Which changes the way I see what I knew.

I give myself to opportunity to learn,

And hopefully be able to discern.

Next time I'll know what's right,

Even if I don't I'll still sleep through the night.

Because my mistakes will become lessons,

Which in turn make them blessings.

Blessed I will be,

To live forever free.

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