The Infinite Woman

An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga & Surfing

15TH – 22ND APRIL  2021

Get out of your head & back to the natural rhythms of your body in an immersive kundalini yoga & surfing retreat designed to heal your soul

We need the healing powers of nature more than ever. Rosannah and Zozi invite you to surround yourself with the lush, thriving tropical jungles of Sri Lanka. Disconnect to reconnect in nature and rediscover your most vibrant self. Play in the Indian Ocean, surf with the turtles, nourish your body with healthy balancing foods and move in a way to reconnect with your heart. Get back to your true self, recalibrate and realign so that you can shine

Women heal with other women, it's just the way things go

Guru Jagat

It is our belief that women are incredibly powerful beyond measure.  A woman is the creator of life, the householder, the daughter, the sister, the mother and above all she holds the feminine energy to not only heal herself but to heal all those that surround her

When the woman is balanced and aligned, she can create anything she wants, she is confident, intuitive, compassionate, graceful – she is infinite

We created this week long immersion to introduce you to the magic of Kundalini Yoga and to the empowering act of Surfing. It is our mission to share tools with you, which you can use when you return back to your lives as the radiant, infinite women that you are with even more grace and inner strength than you have ever known


Join Us For Deep Healing

Experience the healing waters of the ocean and tap into the rhythms of your own cellular tides

Daily Surf Lessons to Find Your Inner Balance

Daily Ancient Kundalini Yoga Technology & Lectures

Two Island Excursions in Sri Lankan Surf Culture

Intentional Living Spaces & 3 Vegan Meals a Day

Sound Baths & Healing Circles

Create Clarity & Focus with Auric Cleansing

Ancient Yogic Healing Beauty Secrets

Body Recalibration & Chi Elevation

Community Building with Like-Minded Women

Get Immersed In The Self

Lead by Rosannah and Zozi, the week's programming, classes, practices and content have been carefully curated to reconnect you with your inner being, the true you – incorporating ancient kundalini technology passed on through lineage of time and generations with balancing active surf classes in the salty waters of the Indian Ocean

Take a step away for a moment, get out of your head and into your body. Get in touch with an un-rushed, grounded and peaceful version of yourself

We have all been through an intense 2 years. The lush landscapes and deep jungles of Sri Lanka possess healing powers ready to take you back to yourself. From consciously designed living spaces to wholesome vegan menus, Rosannah and Zozi seek to guide you to experience true, holistic health and abundant wellness during your stay


Daily Schedule

8:30 – 6:30         MORNING SURF LESSON

10:15 – 9:15         BREAKFAST

11:00 – 10:30      MORNING LECTURE

12:30 – 11:00      KUNDALINI CLASS

2:00 – 1:00          LUNCH

4:30 – 2:00         FREE TIME

6:30 – 4:30         SUNSET SURF / YIN YOGA

8:30 – 7:00         DINNER

9:00 – 8:30        EVENING CEREMONY  

Meet Your Guides

Rosannah Wadsworth

Rosannah is the Founder and Owner of Pluto Yoga Studio, located in Nof Yam, Israel. She has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to sharing Yogic teachings all over the world, in places such as Bali, Morocco, Cape Town, LA, London and The Maldives

Rosannah first started to teach around the same time she started to surf, and both modalities have been close to her heart and her mission ever since. Rosannah is committed to sharing these two incredible tools to others, especially woman as they have been the two things that have not only healed her soul but her entire being


Mom, Entrepreneur, bad ass buddha. Zozi is the embodiment of “create the life you love to live.” After 10 years in the fashion industry birthing brands, Zozi discovered the empowering, aligning, life changing effects of Kundalini Yoga. Feeling called to serve at a greater capacity, Zozi dove deeper into spiritual her studies

 Zozi aspires to awaken, connect and empower humans to their truth through the ancient technology of kundalini 

Coupled with her love of surfing and travel Zozi has spend the past few years dedicated to facilitating spaces of healing and connection in Sri Lanka. Shining her light on those around her Zozi shares her vast knowledge of kundalini technology, quantum physics, mindfulness, mediation to educate and elevate. Guiding you home to your true self, teaching you to drop your armour, expand your heart and aura so that you too love your self, your life and beyond

Surf To Heal

While surfing is not really considered a healing modality, we can both attest from our personal experiences – that it is.  Surfing not only improves your physical fitness but also clears your mind and acts as an emotional stabilizer. Its Zen effects soothes the mind and balances your emotions. The meditative presence created from surfing is so unique – it releases stress and anxiety, inviting clarity to the mind and heart. It gets the chi moving and we all know how great it feels to get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea – sea salt, sand and sun

From Our Community

Your Energy Exchange

Save your spot with a deposit or pay in full

Dorm Room

4 People Per Room

$1700 / 5540 NIS

(prices per person)

Accommodations, meals, excursions & transportation from the airport are included

Participants are responsible for booking their own flight

Triple Room

3 People Per Room

$1820 / 5825 NIS

(prices per person)

Accommodations, meals, excursions & transportation from the airport are included

Participants are responsible for booking their own flight

Double Room

2 People Per Room

$1930 / 6175 NIS

(prices per person)

Accommodations, meals, excursions & transportation from the airport are included

Participants are responsible for booking their own flight

Single Room

Private Room

$2310 / 7390 NIS

(prices per person)

Accommodations, meals, excursions & transportation from the airport are included

Participants are responsible for booking their own flight

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, beautiful things happen when woman come together

E-mail for a personalised practice and tips to work with your injury

You will walk away from this experience feeling reconnected to your true self – balanced, focused, clear minded and ready to create the next chapter of your life

Mats, bolsters, blocks and straps will be provided but we do suggest that you bring your own

No you don’t. We have the best teachers on the Island that will teach you everything you need to know. We will having you up and catching waves in no time

Yes, Sri Lanka requires and entrance visa for all tourists. The price and process is included in your package and will be handled by us. Once we receive payment we will apply for you and send you upon receipt

To date (October 25th), Sri Lanka boarders are open and do not require any quarantine upon arrival

NO! Sri Lanka is only 2.5 hours ahead of Israel and 4.5 hours ahead of Europe CET

Sri Lanka's climate is tropical and consists of distinct wet and dry seasons. The southern coastal areas of Sri Lanka (where we will be) averages 28*C (82*F). However, the sun is very strong so please make sure to bring long lasting waterproof sunscreen

Swimsuits that will keep all your parts “in” while you surf

Beach Towel


Water Bottle

Flip flops



Clothes (shorts, tanks, little dresses)

Yoga Attire

Misquito Spray


Journal / Notebook + your favorite Journaling Pen.

Yoga Mat

Sri Lanka is very laid back and really embodies the "Less is More” attitude. We suggest packing light, because you will literally feel so fantastic that you won’t “need” much. So def, no heels. No need for flat irons or blow dryers

Cancellation Policy

If we need to postpone or cancel the retreat due to corona, we will offer full refunds. If you are unable to come because of corona we will grant you a full refund with proof of a positive test. Deposit of $500 will not be refunded if you cancel after 19th November – one week before the start of the retreat

Contact with questions